Quick fix recipes

Have you all ever been in a dilemma when there are left overs in your fridge which your family doesn’t want to eat again? I face this situation often & always think what can I prepare from a previous day meal. Each one of us must have tried to create a dish out of left overs which our families ate with gusto, totally clueless! Feel free to share such recipes on this page .

1 ) Fish Cutlet-

I had grilled a nice fillet of Salmon the other day, but my almost two year old daughter took a small bite of it & then refused to eat it. My husband liked the buttery texture & taste of it but it was a lot to finish in one go. So I had a big piece of Salmon in my fridge which I knew they wouldn’t eat for another meal. Thats when I came up with this cutlet recipe.

I had marinated my Salmon with salt, dill, a hint of cream cheese with chives & Olive oil before grilling. Keeping the marinade simple is the key to maintain the original taste & flavor. Salmon is high in fats so it cooks faster. For the cutlet recipe I boiled one potato ( for about half a pound of salmon) , & some spinach. Mix everything together, add salt, a bit of chilli powder for extra spice. As a binding medium I used pancake mix. One can also use bread crumbs . Then make small cutlets & shallow fry them. Serve it with ketchup or cilantro-mint chutney.

My daughter took a bite &said “its yummy!” That one response said everything about it.

You can also try different varieties of fish, ones with firm texture. This a good way to camouflage fish with something else if your kids don’t like it.

2) Pancakes / “Ghavans” from Watermelon-

This recipe is my cousin sister’s creation. Who would guess that after eating the juicy red watermelon the white inside part can be used to make something? These ghavans/pancakes are very delicious & nutritious too. Grate the white portion of watermelon & mix Jowar flour ( which is also called as Sorghum flour) in it. The quantity should be enough to accomodate the grated watermelon. Add turmeric, chilli powder, Cumin-Coriander powder, Ajwain ( Carom seeds) salt to taste. Then add water to make a batter which has the consistency to make pancakes. Heat up the pan & spread the batter over it.  Spread little  oil around it so that the ghavan doesn’t stick on the pan. The ghavans are ready when they turn slightly brown. This can be eaten with either green Coriander chutney or chilli-garlic chutney ( lasun chutney) . This is a quick-fix recipe for brunch or breakfast.

3) Rice Flour pancakes / Dhirdha-

I am always trying to search for options to the Indian bread or “Roti”.  Dosa or Crepes is one good option but it needs fermentation so cannot be made right away. I came across this recipe which is like a pancake from rice flour and felt its worth sharing with you all . Since the base is of Rice flour its easier to digest and hence a good meal for sick people who are recovering especially from a stomach upset.


2 cups of rice flour, 1 cup of buttermilk, 4 cloves of garlic , 4 green chillies ( quantity depends on how spice level desired) crushed cumin and water as required.

Crush the garlic and green chillies together with the cumin seeds. Add the buttermilk to the rice flour and keep stirring to break the lumps. Add more water so that the consistency is similar to a pancake batter. You can also add chopped cilantro to give more flavour. Heat up the gridle or a flat pan and spread the batter. Add some oil along the sides of the pancake and cover it with a lid. Remove the lid after a min and flip the pancake. The pancake should be brown and crispy. Serve it with a “chutney” or any gravy dish.

This is one of my favorite options for a mid-week lunch. Its healthy, light and easy to make 🙂


One response to “Quick fix recipes

  1. I can vouch for the salmon cutlets – they were awesome! Maybe next time we can forego the grilled fillet and just have the cutlets instead 🙂

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