Kulfi/ Ice-cream

Sorry for not updating the blog for so long. A few weeks ago I had this delicious dessert at my cousin sister’s place. Its called the “kulfi” an Ice-cream set to freeze in metallic molds. In India Kulfi is very popular & comes in different flavors. The traditional way of making kulfi involves reducing milk on a slow flame to half its volume & then adding different flavours & sugar & letting it cool down before freezing it in the metallic molds.  Here is a quick & simple way to make it, a perfect way to beat the summer heat!

Ingredients- 1small can condensed milk, 1small can of whipping cream , 1 small can of evaporated milk & I slice of bread. Blend all this ingredients once through the blender & then pour it in small plastic or metallic molds or paper cups of single size serving. One can also add nuts like almonds, pistachios, essence of any flavour to the above mixture. Cover the paper cups with a cling wrap so that ice doesn’t form in it. Keep it in freezer till it soldifies.


4 responses to “Kulfi/ Ice-cream

  1. Mouth watering…one of my favorite dishes. Is the inclusion of bread intended to give the texture that would result with reducing the milk?

    It would also be so simple of add some saffron in warm milk, wait till all the flavor is extracted and add it to this mixture, for some yummy kesar kulfi! thanks for the simple-to-prepare recipe.

  2. I feel the inclusion of bread is to give thickness as well as texture. In the traditional way of preparing by reducing the milk, bread is added too. The idea of adding saffron sounds good.

  3. Indeed it is a delicious. You can also add milk powder to thicken the milk. In spite of taking all necessary precautions there is always some ice formation. It is never as smooth as readymade one. Any sure method to prevent ice forming?

  4. Its true that most of the times there is ice formation. To prevent try freezing it in metallic moulds, before sealing the mould, cover it small cling wrap which might help. Or else try the traditional way of sealing the moulds first with wet dough & then put the cap on.

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